About Legambiente Toscana

Who we are

Legambiente Toscana is the regional branch of Legambiente Onlus. It was founded in 1980 by Italian ecologists and members of the anti-nuclear movement that developed in Italy and throughout the Western countries in the 70s. Its purpose is to organize and coordinate the actions of the 38 Local Groups of Legambiente located in Tuscany. Legambiente Toscana and Legambiente Onlus are the most important environmental organizations for the defense of nature and the environment.

The hallmark of the Association has always been "scientific environmentalism". All environmental initiatives are based on solid scientific data and accompanied by concrete, realistic, and economically feasible suggested alternatives.

Legambiente focuses both on environmental actions and citizens’ training and education. This has resulted in Legambiente becoming the most widespread environmental organization in Italy. There are more than almost 5000 members and supporters, 40 local groups, many classrooms participating in environmental education programs, many young people participating each year in volunteer camps, and 5 natural areas managed directly or in collaboration with other local authorities.


What we do

  • We defend the unique environmental and cultural diversity of our country.

  • We report any abuse to the ecosystem, including the indiscriminate use of resources and pollution.

  • We fight against nuclear energy and promote renewable and clean energy.

  • We propose new lifestyles to reduce the negative impact on the environment and to live healthier.

  • We protect the country’s cultural and artistic heritage.

  • We offer education programs in schools to raise environmentally aware generations.

  • We fight against all forms of discrimination and social injustice. We promote values of solidarity and peace.

  • We think globally and act locally.

  • We promote energy conservation and the preservation of protected areas.

Legambiente Toscana Organizational Structure

Legambiente Toscana is managed by a board composed of the president, the director, the press office, the campaign staff, and the accountant. Legambiente Toscana is supported by about 50 volunteers working on projects and campaigns (such as the educational projects in the schools, promotion of social mobilization, and organization of events). Working in conjunction with the operator, important discussion groups orient actions to different environmental themes such as energy, water, protected areas, environmental education, waste, mobility and transportation, and cultural heritage.


Legambiente Toscana Projects

The projects performed by Legambiente Toscana are centered around environmental preservation and social development through sustainable actions.

At the national level, through affiliation with Legambiente Onlus, Legambiente Toscana implements projects throughout the national territory such as international work camps. Annually, Legambiente prepares a thorough analysis of the environmental situation in Italy (Ambiente Italia which is published and addressed to technicians and administrators).

Legambiente Toscana manages parks and protected areas with an original and innovative approach to nature conservation. This is done to ensure that the parks are managed in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

Legambiente Toscana manages, through its offices, an important Natural Protected Area. It is able to do this because of its cooperative relationship with the Municipalitiy of Sesto Fiorentino.

The contract Legambiente Toscana currently has with the Municipalitiy of Sesto Fiorentino ensures a relationship for a longer period of time than any contract with the Municipality has ensured in the past. The Natural Protected Area of Local Interest (ANPIL) of Podere La Querciola is important for the association because of its role in environmental education. The target groups to which the education is directed are children, youth, and adults living in the surrounding area, but also in the Region because of the high presence of several species of birds. The conservation and improvement of the area is a great asset for the territory. This protected area covers about fifty acres, five of which are publicly owned, and includes several places of natural interest. It includes four wetlands: padule, lake, the overflow basin of Case Nuove, the Cavalieri Lake and a picnic area. In 2008, thanks to the Consorzio della Bonifica of the Florentine Area, a little pond of 300 square meters was made for the observation of amphibians.

During the migration period, this area is the main point for nesting of numerous species of water birds such as herons, black-winged stilt, various ducks and kingfishers.

At the regional and local level, Legambiente Toscana works with social associations and public institutions (Municipality, Comunità Montana, Provincia, Region).

Having direct contact with citizens promotes citizen’s education about their community as well as their participation in democracy.

To help achieve active participation in democracy, Legambiente Toscana organizes a film club about the environment and man. The film club represents a free and open space for dialogue, where the main purpose is the exchange of views on current issues by the citizens. Legambiente Toscana has maintained a constant interest in the education and training of citizens through projects like “Energicamente”, “CO2 - Cambiare Orizzonti 2: risorse e energia”, “Arno da Vivere e da Narrare”, “Riciclabilandia”, “Scuole in rete e Istituti sostenibili”, “Io amo la Val di Pesa” e “Amico Fiume” which are developed in primary, secondary and high school.

The campaigns of Legambiente are “Puliamo il mondo” (Clean up the World), “Piccola Grande Italia”, “Mal’Aria”, “Goletta Verde” and “Treno Verde”. These events aim to involve all citizens, Italians and foreigners, promoting a sense of responsibility towards the environment. The campaigns’ goals are to protect the environment and the quality of life of the citizens and to promote social mobilization and the spread of information related to global pollution. All groups are targeted.

For each project, Legambiente Toscana is responsible for planning, implementing, and searching for partner institutions and associations. All projects devolved aim to raise awareness and create great impact at the local and regional level.